Made to Measure Boutique

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." 


What we offer



Our process of creating garments to the clients specifications.

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Made To Order


Our Process of remaking our original designs with size and colour variations. 

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Our process of taking an old garment and making it new! 

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We can tailor you garments to give you that perfect fit and repair your rips and tears

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 We teach Basic sewing for the eager mind. Come join us!  

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Where Beauty Meets Fashion

The Brand


In february, 2017, A'Lyece' Rodgers opened her atelier, ALyece Lenae Designs, in the heart of North Little Rock, Arkansas. 

The mission of the brand is to provide not only stylish apparel, but to provide each client with an optimal experience through our made to measure sewing services.

 At ALyece Lenae, clients needs are treated with passion and met with fundamental skills. Through the creative process, A'Lyece' is able to create unique styles with a compilation of colours and textiles.  

The slogan is Where Beauty Meets Fashion and we focus on tying both elements together for one great experience.

A'Lyece' believes the best creations come from the soul, so most collection pieces are seasonless as well as trendless. 

Throughout the ALyece Lenae brand, you will find attire that will build great wardrobes as well as be great statement pieces. 

The brand features two collections; 

A'Lyece' by ALyece Lenae, and

BLAC (Beauty Level Above Control)

The Designer

The start

Though I have lived majority of my life in the southern state of Arkansas, I am a native of Minneapolis,MN.

It was in Minneapolis that I began to develop my love for fashion and clothing. Through my love for Barbie, I was able to express my desire to create  apparel to my unique style.  

As a child, I spent countless hours designing and hand sewing different looks for my dolls. I knew very early on that I did not want to be anything other than a fashion designer. Instead of playing outside with neighborhood friends, I'd plan fashion shows for my friends and family to enjoy. I'd design and sew the clothes, cut and style my dolls hair and put on what I thought was the perfect production. (smile)

As a teen, I began sewing for friends and family to practice my skill. I always made sure to have a custom piece for my summer trips to Arkansas.

Though I have not formally completed a design school; I have studied at accredited colleges; like the Art Institute of Dallas, and have worked under Master seamstress.

What inspires me?

The most common question I receive is , "Where do I get inspiration?" Well, my inspiration starts with the client. Not only am I passionate about designing beautiful apparel. I'm most passionate about helping my clients express who they are and how the feel through how they present themselves with apparel. That is why I don't specialize in "clothing lines" per say.  As beautiful as a garment may be, it isn't brought to life until it's in motion on a body. That's when I feel my job is complete.

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